I'm Nathan Contino.
University of Rochester Class of 2017.
Majors in Computer Science (B.S.) and English (B.A.).
The Documentation Engineer at Gradle.
Littleton, New Hampshire.

I enjoy:

- reading
- writing
- teaching
- coding
- bicycles (repair and riding)
- hiking
- trail running
- coffee, espresso in particular

Not necessarily in that order.

Connect with me on LinkedIn.
Or check out my projects on GitHub.
Even better, contact me via email at:
(ncontino [at] u [dot] rochester [dot] edu)
Contact me and I'll make you a mean latte to enjoy over a book discussion!

Appreciative of lightweight web pages.
During my time at the University of Rochester, I TAed seven classes.
Those TA roles helped me develop my passion for teaching, writing, and programming.
I can't recommend it more.

This is Meg, my travel companion. We ride bikes together sometimes. Read about it in the "blog" section in the sidebar.